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North America’s Most Congested Cities

The GPS manufacturer, Tom Tom, published its latest Congestion Index, which measures congestion as a percentage difference when compared to free-flow traffic. This week, we'll review the top 5 congested cities in North America and how to improve congestion with traffic studies.  Read More »

Signal Timing Research Initiative Follow-up

In March, we reached out to government agencies across Canada and the US to take part in Miovision’s first research initiative, which was about signal timing. Survey respondents enthusiastically shared their insights and opinions on this oft-discussed topic. A topic as multifaceted as signal timing demands further exploration, so we’re expanding this research initiative to include new questions about corridor performance, and to once again share peer insights.Miovision Signal Retiming Report  Read More »

America’s New Transportation Bill – MAP-21

On Friday, July 6, President Obama signed a long-term Federal transportation bill extension into law. The Senate approved Bill MAP-21 which is $109 billion in government spending over a 2 year period, ending in the fiscal year 2014. What is in the bill and how will it affect transportation? Read More »

National Traffic Signal Report Card 2012 from the NTOC – Part Two

This week’s blog article will focus on the importance of signal operations as well as the remaining three criteria that contributed to the 2012 NTOC National Traffic Signal Report Card. Read More »

National Traffic Signal Report Card 2012 from the NTOC – Part One

On May 16, 2012, the National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC) released their 2012 National Traffic Signal Report Card. This is a national traffic signal assessment where US agencies grade themselves on 5 categories related to the management and operation of traffic signals. The overall grade was 69 or a D+ and we’ll review this year's and previous results of NTOC Traffic Signal Report Cards. Read More »

#BCounted: Miovision Takes Part in Waterloo Region’s Commuter Challenge

Waterloo Region kicks off their annual Commuter Challenge this week and Miovision is joining in to help out. For those unfamiliar with the Commuter Challenge, it is nationwide event hosted locally by the Region of Waterloo to encourage commuters to adopt sustainable travel habits by trying out cycling, walking, transit, carpooling or anything else that doesn’t involve driving alone.  Read More »

Miovision Attends ITS America and Introduces Traffic Data On Demand

Miovision attended the ITS America Annual Meeting and Expo at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland and launched Traffic Data On Demand.  Read More »

Miovision Introduces Traffic Data On Demand

Miovision is introducing Traffic Data On Demand, a new online traffic data solution for transportation organizations to request, receive and manage traffic data for almost any location in the United States and Canada. Data is collected by our Partner Network, using Miovision’s Scout VCUs.  Read More »

Proven Safety Countermeasures – Part 2

Last week’s blog, we reviewed the first 5 proven safety countermeasures which were established by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in January 2012. This week, we’ll review the remaining four proven safety countermeasures which focus on using a data driven approach to improve road safety and reducing fatalities on American highways.   Read More »

Proven Safety Countermeasures

In 2008, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) created a document outlining 9 safety countermeasures which utilize a data driven approach to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on American highways. Based on the most recent research, the FHWA updated the safety countermeasures in January 2012.This week’s blog, we’ll review the first five safety countermeasures.  Read More »